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Hot Seiko Pick of the Month

Ananta is a Sanskrit word that means ‘the infinite’.  The SEIKO design team embarked on a creation where  they were told that there were no boundaries. They were given infinite scope to build a watch offering “the most technologically advanced craftsmanship in the world”.  The team could explore any design direction and seek new inspiration.

When looking for  a collection that expresses dedication to infinite perfection, you will find Ananta.  The Double Retrograde Automatic shown here offers sleek design with subtle calendar features.  Offered in both Stainless Steel and Crocodile bands, the watch moves from the boardroom to the gym with ease.


Watch Categories

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Durable watches with special features designed for sport activities.


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A chronograph is a  watch with both timekeeping and stopwatch functions

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Dress watches are appropriate for informal, semi-formal, and formal attire.

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These watches are suitable are for scuba diving or saturation diving.